ponedeljek, 14. marec 2011

Kaj mi poje ptičica

Kaj mi poje ptičica,
ptičica sinička? 
Dobra volja je najbolja,
to si piši za uho... 
[F. Milčinski -Ježek]

Girlanda kot okras sobe.
Lepo pomlad želim! 

2 komentarja:

  1. Čestitamo! You won the book giveaway at my blog!!! Congratulations! Thank you so much for participating and for your lovely comment :)
    Please email me at geninne@gmail.com with you mailing address so I can send you your print and book as soon as possible. All the best from sunny Mexico! xoxo

  2. Happy happy happy, dear Geninne!
    I am ready with my new watercolour brush in my hand, waiting for your lovely present!

    Hvala! Thank you!